Scott and I worked closely together for 16 years at ALAS through many cycles in our business and changes in our company and our industry. As one of the most senior lawyers in our Member Services department, his work was always first rate, and he achieved great results year in and year out in our annual renewals and in attracting new business to our company. In his new role, Scott will bring clients a unique blend of excellent judgment, extraordinary people skills, strong relationships in the legal and business worlds in Chicago and nationally, and a deep knowledge of the culture and business of law firms and in-house legal departments.

Mark Gralen

General Counsel and Executive Vice President, ALAS, Inc.

Scott Burns is a legal industry expert. He has a deep knowledge of law firm needs and the markets in which they operate. His unique experience, work ethic, communication skills, integrity and strong industry relationships are a huge asset to any law firm seeking to grow.


Executive Committee member and General Counsel, Cole Schotz P.C. – NJ/NY-based AmLaw 200 firmNJ/NY-based AmLaw 200 firm

I have been involved in law firm risk management for over thirty years, serve as my firm’s GC and my practice is defending large law firms in professional liability cases. I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Burns for many years. Scott recruited our firm to join ALAS and his responsiveness and knowledge of our industry made that process easy. When Scott told me he was leaving ALAS and starting his own legal recruiting firm I was, at first, surprised. But after reflecting for a moment, I realized he is the perfect person to up the game of legal recruiting and provide a real value added service. Those of us in firm management know that lateral hires can be essential to a law firm’s ability to grow and to add talent where it is needed. At the same time, historical experiences of many firms, including those I defend, shows us that the opportunities laterals may provide come with significant risks. Risks of underperformance and worse, many of the largest claims I have seen arose from lateral lawyers. With Scott’s experience in the law firm risk management arena and his broad industry contacts I think he can offer a recruiting service like no other. I wish him great success and highly endorse Scott.

David Atkinson

Executive Committee member and General Counsel, Cole Schotz P.C. – NJ/NY-based AmLaw 200 firmNJ/NY-based AmLaw 200 firm

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