Partner Recruiting & Integration

In the current ultra-competitive market for legal talent, law firms aggressively look to add partners to grow and improve their business. Burns Recruiting facilitates a discrete process for finding partner level lawyers that fit our law firm clients’ strategic needs. As part of this recruiting process, we bring our deep understanding of the candidate partner’s experience and our law firm client’s business to inform both regarding whether moving forward with the placement makes sense. Importantly, as the recruiting process moves forward so does the integration process so that when the partner joins the firm they are already well on their way to be part of the firm’s culture. Lateral partner candidates are also advised on how to carefully and effectively transition their practice to a new firm.

Law Firm Associate Recruiting

As their clients’ legal needs evolve, so do our law firms’ needs to ensure they have an appropriate roster of associates to provide excellent service to their clients. Burns Recruiting partners with our law firm clients to recruit quality associates to deepen their bench to continue to represent their clients at the highest level. We also advise associate candidates about their potential new firm, including its management, market position, culture and path to partnership.

In-House Legal Recruiting

Burns Recruiting aligns top lawyers who are currently in-house, or considering moving from private practice to an in-house position, with a variety of companies seeking to attract top talent to their in-house ranks. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, we devote personal attention to finding you high caliber lawyers to meet your needs. 

We help navigate the legal marketplace in this area, as well, always using unparalleled discretion, professionalism, and insightfulness to align talented attorneys with top law departments.

Law Firm Administrator Recruiting

The 21st century law firm is a sophisticated business; Premier firms may be a specialized boutique, have a regional presence, national spread, or be a global enterprise. These firms also need sophisticated administrative professionals, as well as lawyers who are experts in their field. Burns Recruiting’s deep breadth of industry knowledge includes experience working with lead administrators such as Executive Directors, CFOs, COOs and similar administrative positions. Law firms looking to hire experienced, knowledgeable professionals to help manage and lead the administrative side of their firm can rely on Burns Recruiting to find highly qualified candidates.

Lateral and Merger Consulting

As important as the recruiting and hiring process is for lawyers and lead administrators, the integration of these professionals into their new firms is critical. We have nearly two decades of experience working with firms to develop formalized procedures and processes to ensure that the integration process is implemented and effective. Burns Recruiting will not only add talented professionals to your organization, but will provide advice and assist your efforts to mesh these important additions with your existing colleagues. During his time with ALAS, Scott Burns provided advice to dozens of firms engaged in over a hundred lateral acquisitions and mergers. In most cases, Scott met with the candidate firms around the globe and knew their business, and the business concerns of the firms considering acquiring them, intimately.

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